2018 into 2019

Super Dark Monday will be off for the next two weeks due to the holidays. But to tide you over we have assembled two BEST OF compilations for your listening pleasure!! The Best of Super Dark Monday at Desperate Annie’s AND The Best of Super Dark Thursday at River Street Pub.

Available for FREE download @ http://superdarkrecords.bandcamp.com

Featuring live recordings of some of our favorite bands that have come through from Minnesota, Canada, NYC, Western Mass and more! Included are: Your Brain on Drugs, Sloppy Jane, Motherhood, Mystery Girl, Aggressive Response, Reverend Beat-Man (official), The Woolly Bushmen, The Mad Doctors, Sun Voyager, Cindy Cane, Sinkcharmer, Mr. Cancelled, Casual Decay, NXNES, SPACE CUBS, HOME BODY, Height Keech, Kate Ferencz, The 6th Circle, Deadbeat Club, Bloody Show, Mikey Erg, Dryer, Hill Haints, Kite Person, Beau Mahadev, BLOOD BLUSH, Blood Sound, Ape Not Kill Ape, Blockhouses & Evil Sword! These compilations were made out of love for our wonderful music scene in the 518 and we do no own the rights to any of these songs. If you’d like your song taken down please let me know!

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us this year! Thanks to Vince Pellicano and the River Street Pub, Travis Travis and Desperate Annie’s, Belinda Colon and the The Arts Center of the Capital Region. Thanks to THE Collective Gary Ziroli, Sarah, Christopher Brown, John Olander, John Gill, Bobby Carlton, thanks to all the bartenders & loyal patrons!! , Isaiah Gallagher-Rees, Brandon Towers, George DeMers, Rock, Lee LaClair, Fran Banga and everyone who supports Super Dark!!!!!! Thanks to the excellent photographers!! Bryan David Lasky, Lance Monotone & Neon Neeley THANK YOU!!! Happy Holidays ya’ll!!!!

Best of 2018


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