Closing out 2019!!

WOOF!!!! 2019 has been quite the year for SUPER DARK Collective.. December is upon us & we’ve got a butt-load of excellent shows to close out the year!!! Thanks to Travis Travis at Desperate Annie’s & August Rosa at Pint Sized for being such generous hosts! Huge thanks to Tom Lescovich at Muchmore’s & Belinda Colon at The Arts Center of the Capital Region for also helping us host some killer events this year! let’s get it!!!!!

12/2 – Super Dark Monday: Bishop LaVey / Drew Wardle / Yeah Universe
12/5 – Sarah’s Birthday ** Plug-in & play ** Super Dark Thurs: Omega Vague / Madeline Darby (Plug in & play)
12/6 – Super Dark First Friday White Devil + 666 & Ryan Flynn (Alb)
12/9 – Super Dark Monday: Wright- Darrup Duo / Human Host / MIDI Forts
12/12 – Super Dark Thursday: Wild Weeeds / Smittix
12/13 – Friday the 13th ** Super Dark Skidmore Night: Skim Milf / Booksie / Moon Sand Land
12/16 – Shane’s Birthday ** Super Dark Monday: Mr. Cancelled / John Olander / Gay Twin
12/19 – Super Dark Thursday: Electric Turtle / Ferriday
12/23 – *** Super Dark Xmas: Ramblers Home / North & South Dakotas / Griffin
12/26 – *** NO SUPER DARK THURSDAY ***
12/29 – Super Dark Monday: Grist / Grape Juice / I Feel Okay

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