Artist Spotlight: Tom Lescovich

Let’s continue to keep this shit positive!!!!!

We are spotlighting the people who are most important to us here at SUPER DARK Collective.

As independent artists we all face major challenges in 2020. It isn’t easy work to plan tours, organize showcases, coordinate band practices & still find the energy to continuously do the things we love while facing serious set backs.

Next up, we at Super Dark Collective LOVE & appreciate Brooklyn based musician, booking agent, tour manager, promoter and real-deal vampire Tom Lescovich.

Originally from Clifton Park, Tom moved out to Minneapolis and fronted the spooky psych-rock band The Coax. We met Tom in the summer of 2017 while The Coax were on tour. They played a killer set at our original Super Dark Monday series at One Caroline. Tom fully supported Super Dark right away and we have stayed close ever since.

Tom’s literally given the shirt off his back to Super Dark when it comes to letting us tag along on almost every major project he gets his claws on. When Tom relocated to NYC he began booking shows all around the city as Queen of the Scene. He helped us set up our Super Dark Monthly series in Brooklyn during the summer of 2019.

When it came time for South by Southwest 2020, Tom reached out to us to partner up and collaborate on his 6 day Aunt Cindy’s Wicked Waltz 2 festival down in Austin, Texas. After lots of work we ended up with over 200 bands scheduled to play 14 showcases in 3 different venues. All of which came to a swift death due to SXSW canceling.

Tom performs as Cindy Cane & has released his latest single “Be My Nightmare” on Fetish Records. Check it out at & on all streaming services.

Tom is the REAL deal. Tom will be famous.
we fucking love you brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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