Artist Spotlight: Evil Sword

Let’s continue to keep this shit positive!!!!!

We are spotlighting the people who are most important to us here at SUPER DARK Collective.

As independent artists we all face major challenges in 2020. It isn’t easy work to plan tours, organize showcases, coordinate band practices & still find the energy to continuously do the things we love while facing serious set backs.

Next up, we at Super Dark Collective LOVE, appreciate and absolutely worship Philadelphia’s performance art/witch-punk project EVIL SWORD.

We first encountered Evil Sword in the Spring of 2016 at a show we put together for their Alive & Spoilt tour. We helped arrange for them to perform at our favorite (now deceased) Troy DIY venue 51 3rd. By the time I arrived, they had transformed the space into their own makeshift haunted forest. Everything was soaked in a green glowing light. The merch table was littered with skinned
animatronic dolls, Halloween decorations, home made tinktures, t-shirts and cassettes. The band was already well into character, roaming around the performance space as creatures dressed in tattered rags, rope, painted faces and knotted black wigs. I counted 10 to 12 members.. Some played drums, buckets, literal bells & whistles. There was a person on the floor moving lights around and two people moving around dressed as trees.

The audience looked around at each other with smirks, taking in the overwhelming foreboding vibes. Suddenly one of the creatures picked up his bass and started playing the devil’s tritone. Shit got dark.

A commotion began at the front entrance of the venue and suddenly four cloaked figures apeared carrying a tiny woman playing a pan flute. She looked like somebody had kept Miley Cyrus tied up in a bag for most of her life and fed her nothing but frogs and beetles. The figures respectfully placed her in the center of the green spot light and she opened her eyes and shouted into the microphone.


They blasted into 40 minutes of THE best no wave – performance art – punk as fuck – minimal witch – ritual – down right EVIL performances I had ever seen They laid out a twisted tale of forest creatures, witches, ghosts, demons and someone called The Wart God while two drummers blasted away on buckets. Once a girl came out from behind the trees and started dropping pots and pans
in a possessed frenzy, I was hooked. Who the fuck were these people??

While surrounded by many helpful spirits of the forest, Evil Sword is essentially Philadelphia artists Kate Ferencz and Ben Furgal. Both are prolific creatures swimming in the cauldron of Philly’s freak scene. Kate released her own solo albums Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers in 2011 and Dying Alone in 2015. She recently put out a collaboration with Baltimore hip hop artist Height Keech on his label Cold Rhymes Records called What Was the World. In 2018 she wrote and illustrated the comic book Problem Town. Ben Furgal was a member of Wham City‘s zany dinosaur/robot/alien costumed synth punks Nuclear Power Pants. As a visual artist, Ben has had exhibitions in New York and Philadelphia. In 2007 he designed the artwork for Dan Deacon‘s LP Spiderman of the Rings. Together Kate and Ben collaborate as Evil Sword and run the art gallery Magic Pictures located on 618 Hoffman Street in Philadelphia.

In October of 2012 Evil Sword recorded their first demo Flesh Eating Mold Will Devour You. In 2013 they released the full length More Witches and a black & white zine called Happy Halloween. Their 2017 full length cassette An Eerie Fire Eats the Brain featured a full color 132 page book of gruesome drawings, collages, and photographs. In 2018 they released the video album Alive + Spolit, 34 minutes of sound and video captured across 16 locations recorded by Melanie Gorguy. In 2019 they released their first music video “Old Barn” to promote their latest full length Agony of the Wart God. The 10 song LP was released on black smoke vinyl by Softwax record pressing.

We feel that we’re extremely lucky to book these guys every time they hit the road. I love seeing the faces of unsuspecting bar patrons after we’ve unleashed the Evil Sword. We at Super Dark absolutely adore these freaky folks. They’ve inspired us to the point where we have LITERALLY formed 3 of our bands just to open for them. I personally have never wanted to JOIN a band more in my life. I always spill my guts that I’d love to pack my Satanic Bible and run away into the haunted void with them. My darkest prayers were answered last October, when the band invited Chris and I on stage to play The Wart God during their performance. Our souls had been handed over to the hideous forest… We can’t say it enough…

PLEASE check these guys out & support them. And seriousy don’t
miss them when they return to Saratoga Springs in 2020!!


Here’s a video of their performance at 51 3rd in Troy, NY –

Evil Sword “Agony of the Wart God” LP –

Evil Sword “An Eerie Fire Eats the Brain” –

Evil Sword “Happy Halloween” Zine –

Evil Sword “Flesh Eating Mold Will Devour You”

Ben Furgal –

Kate Ferencz “What Was the World” –

Kate Ferencz “Dying Alone” –

Kate Ferencz “Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers” –

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