Super Dark First Friday at Pint Sized – DJ Session

It’s Super Dark First Friday!!! Tonight we had an excellent show set up at Pint Sized with Zan Zan & The Winter Folk and NYC’s Looms which WILL be rescheduled in the future. We start and end all of our First Friday shows with an extensive DJ set by yours truly of darkwave + coldwave + industrial + electro + punk featuring artists who have played our Super Dark events & beyond. We’ve assembled a 2 hour playlist for your Friday night listening pleasure over at:

So dust off the ol’ strobe light, lace up those Doc Martin’s & spike collars – drink some hard cider & alcoholic kombucha & pretend you’re tipping August RosaAriana Miller and the bartenders at Pint Sized. We will be going live on Instragram tonight with this playlist to make fools of ourselves. JOIN US!!!!

Kontravoid “Too Deep (Version 2)
Boy Harsher “Deep Well”
Komrads “The Wraith”
SEXTILE “Hazing”
Powerplant “Hey Mr. Dogman!”
Moon King “In & Out”
Silent EM “Machine”
6th circle “Swallow”
Asian Women on the Telephone “”obiply”
Cindy Cane “Let Me In (Demo)”
Panther Modern “Tasting Static”
Special Interest “Don’t Kiss Me in Public”
Boy Harsher “Modulations”
Todd Is New Each Moment “Traps”
Le Sphinxx “Red Light”
Bare Mattress “Free Yard”
Sextile “Disco”
Mr. Owl “Starkiller”
Ghoul Poon “Botanica”
Geneva Jacuzzi “Cannibal Babies”
Komrads “Drugs Party 2020”
Douleur Fantôme “Le Reflects de Tes Lunettes”
Boy Harsher “Pain”
Blood Blood Blood Blood Blood “The Fetish Priest”
BLNKA “Fall in Love”
John Olander Olander “Infected”
Architrave “Anonymous”

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