SXSW 2020

Super Dark Collective will be partnering with Brooklyn’s Queen of the Scene Promotions to present a slew of amazing showcase shows during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX

Blood, Shutterr, Russian Baths, Gross Net, Gewalt, Eternal Crimes, Weeping Icon, Shell of a Shell, Monograms, Cindy Cane, Strange Ranger, The Wants, Tino Drima, GRLwood, Walt Disco, No Swoon, Cuffed up, Gully Boys, Art d’Ecco are just a small sample of the bands we will be presenting during SXSW.

Full Super Dark Collective / Queen of the Scene SXSW schedule coming soon!

The annual music festival that features musicians from all across the globe begins on March 16 and goes until March 22. 

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